Massage & Moisturiser Bars

Massage & Moisturiser Bars

Massage & Moisturiser Bars

Massage & Moisturiser Bars

A Short Story

Imagine your beauty and bathroom products, created without compromise, using the highest quality natural ingredients, free from plastic packaging. We did. 

Spanning over three continents, an Australian, an Irishwoman and an Indonesian serendipitously came together and utilising their formulation expertise, love of natural, and passion to make a difference, Bare Naked Bars was born.

We know you'll love our products as much as we do. Check in regularly to discover new and exciting additions on this journey to premium and plastic free beauty and bathrooms.

How to apply a moisturiser bar

Bare Naked Bars are made with ingredients that will melt from the warmth of your body.

Step 1. Place the bar under your nose, breathe in deeply and enjoy the ridiculously addictive scent of our delicious essential oil combinations.

Step 2. Once you manage to pry it away from your nose, it's time to moisturise.  Place the bar in your hands and warm it for seconds. The length of time will depend on the climate and season.

Step 3. Once warmed, rub the bar over your body.

Step 4. When sufficient moisturiser is produced, rub it in with your hands.


How to use a massage bar

Step 1. Find someone to massage you!

Step 2. Warm the bar in your hands and then rub the bar over the body being massaged.

Step 3. Once adequately lubricated, put the bar aside and massage as you normally would.

The melting point of our massage bars is much lower than our moisturiser bars and the oil content produced on your skin much higher. At any time during the massage, simply apply the bar to the body again and lubricate.